Mattermost — Presenting our partners at OpenSouthCode 2023

An event such as OpenSouthCode would not be possible without the collaboration of all the organizations that support us, as is the case with our partners.


Today’s post is intended to tell you all about Mattermost, the company behind the open-source communication platform for teams and organizations worldwide.


OpenSouthCode: For all our readers and event followers, how would you define Mattermost?


Mattermost: Mattermost is a secure, flexible platform build for the new era of collaboration.


OSC: OpenSouthCode chose this year to use Mattermost as our official communication platform with speakers and attendees, so we are incredibly honored to have Mattermost supporting OpenSouthCode. Which were the motivations the moved you to collaborate with us?


Mattermost: We knew about the event at Fosdem and later through our own Jesus Espino who had the opportunity to know more about it from part of the organizing team.


«We are an open-source company.«


OSC: Could you explain a bit how open source hardware and software contribute to Mattermost success?

Mattermost: We are an open-source company. Mattermost, the product, is open-source software, and we offer free to use versions as well as value-added enterprise features for large organizations.


OSC: What are three most used open source tools, libraries or products at Mattermost?


Mattermost: Mattermost, GitHub and Jira.


OSC: Thank you so much for your time and specially for your amazing support to OpenSouthCode 2023. We welcome everyone to meet you in person during the event on June 9th and 10th, at La Térmica, Málaga.


More information about Mattermost, its professional activities and open positions, here:

Mattermost | Secure Collaboration for Technical Teams

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More information, registration and full program for OpenSouthCode 2023, here:


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