Lunik — Presenting our partners at OpenSouthCode 2023

An event such as OpenSouthCode would not be possible without the collaboration of all the organizations that support us, as is the case with our partners.


Today’s post is intended to tell you all about Lunik, a service technology company based out of Malaga, with an international team of IT professional creating innovative solutions and delivering top quality services.


OpenSouthCode: For all our readers and event followers, how would you define Lunik?


Lunik: We create innovative IT platforms, solutions and systems to help our clients improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and drive revenue.


OSC: This is the first time that Lunik is supporting OpenSouthCode. Which were the motivations the moved you to collaborate with us?


Lunik: We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to collaborate with a local initiative focused on open source technologies. We’re excited to support the event as Platinum sponsors, and we’re ensuring that any Lunik employees that want to present or participate have the time and resources to do so.


«Open Source […] allows us to attract and retain top talent.«


OSC: Could you explain a bit how open source hardware and software contribute to Lunik success?

Lunik: Open Source tools, libraries and products provide us with an agile and flexible alternative to enterprise solutions. It also allows us to attract and retain top talent, as many IT professionals enjoy creating their own projects and helping others in developing solutions.


OSC: What are three most used open source tools, libraries or products at Lunik?


Lunik: Kubernetes, Ansible and OpenStack.


OSC: Thank you so much for your time and specially for your amazing support to OpenSouthCode 2023. We welcome everyone to meet you in person during the event on June 9th and 10th, at La Térmica, Málaga.


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